Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Britain First leader EXPOSED in charity scam

Paul Goulding is chairman of the extreme right wing group Britain First (BF), and has been at the forefront of its leading confrontational street activities.

Notably, he has been in the limelight for disrespectfully ‘invading’ mosques (when hardly anyone is in except mainly old men).

In a video uploaded by a war veteran, he’s running a stall for the Help for Heroes charity, also giving out leaflets that contain the Britain First website link.

The veteran says Goulding and his friend were collecting illegally, and he saw them getting some money from a few passer-bys.

When asked to produce his license, Goulding says “what license?” and doesn’t show it (a street collection license is required in Sussex – the region this video was captured).

After the veteran acts like he phones the police, Goulding and his friend coincidentally pack up and leave.

Goulding was once in the far-right National Front (NF), and turned up to a Remembrance Sunday march at the cenotaph drunk and with a pair of women’s knickers on his head (also shown on the BBC).

A convert to Christianity, he was also former head of publicity for the British National Party (BNP) as well as a failed councillor in Kent.

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