Thursday, 16 August 2012

Breivik Manifesto Review: Robert Spencer

Norwegian mass murderer Anders Breivik killed more than 70 people and was a right-wing extremist. An interesting case to point out is who was mentioned in his manifesto, and who perhaps inspired him. Here, we take a close look at the manifesto and highlight the English Defence League (EDL) and its affiliates.

Robert Spencer

Robert Spencer is a Islamophobic blogger and a fake Islamic scholar (he's really like a Christian missionary). With his good friend Pamela Geller, he co-founded the Freedom Defense Initiative and Stop Islamization of America (SIOA) groups. The SIOA has been labelled as a hate group.

Spencer was named a total of 64 times by name in Breivik's manifesto and his work was cited a whopping 116 times. Spencer is also listed by him as one of the well-known contributors to the Vienna school of thought, a right-wing anti-Islamic ideology that carries various controversial and dangerous principles with it.

Breivik praised and recommended Spencer's work, saying,
Quote: ‘About Islam I recommend essentially everything written by Robert Spencer’
Quote: ‘Author Robert Spencer, director of the website Jihad Watch, who patiently monitors the spread of Jihad terrorism across the world, is another excellent choice…’
He also says his book is an,
Quote: ‘...excellent book’

Suggesting an online tactic, Breivik tells people to email groups such as the SIOA to ‘consolidate and grow the European resistance movement’, he asks,
Quote: ‘Please distribute this compendium to all individuals in the following groups (and similar “patriotic” groups - through their email’
Robert Spencer's links with the EDL & the Islamophobia network

Robert Spencer is an affiliate of the far-right EDL. In this photograph recently taken in Sweden, Spencer can be seen with other individuals who were key speakers at an Islamophobic event.

Right to left: Robert Spencer, EDL Deputy Kevin Carroll,
Pamela Geller and EDL leader Tommy Robinson

Coincidentally, all four of these individuals had links in Anders Breivik's manifesto. Spencer was cited and named, Breivik claimed he had EDL links, and Pamela's blog were also cited. They are part of the dangerous and intolerant Islamophobia network that Breivik supported.

These four (and their parties) are linked, their ideologies and work are similar, and they promote the fear of a faith based on personal and political hatred. Breivik had similar views.

Robert Spencer is a frequent blogger and his work is available to the masses. This is what makes him so dangerous.

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  1. Regarding referencing and citations, it is very difficult to do, due to the absence of page numbers in the manifesto.

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  2. This loon should be in PRISON because he is that dangerous