Sunday, 29 March 2015

Britain First just don’t listen

Hate group Britain First and other far-right groups have been hijacking the name of a murdered soldier Lee Rigby just to promote their causes.

Even when the mother of Lee voiced outrage after Britain First were using his name to promote their party in the elections, Britain First never stopped. She also said Britain First has “no support from the family”.

Today, Britain First stole and then uploaded photos of a memorial which had been unveiled in memory of Lee in Middleton.

We have intentionally blurred faces.

They didn’t do this for respect.

Their main priority is to get Likes and Shares so people can share their stories and hereby, further their political goals. And they have done the same thing before.

If this group had an ounce of respect for the war dead, the leader would never have turned up to the cenotaph with knickers on his head, or the group would never have disrespected the funeral of a veteran who had died recently.

Saturday, 28 March 2015

Britain First leader turned up to cenotaph with knickers on head

Everyone who willingly or unwillingly shares any ‘Support Our Troops’ posts from Britain First should well know that the group isn’t all that it seems.

Paul Golding, the leader of the group once turned up to a Remembrance Sunday march at the cenotaph with a pair of women’s knickers on his head.

How respectful...


This was when he was in the racist National Front (NF) group, according to HOPE Not Hate. But in an interview to Channel 4, he said that someone else “had put them” on his head.

“Oh this was ages ago, it doesn’t matter anymore”

Well, Britain First recently disrespected the war dead by sharing a photo of a funeral of a WW2 veteran to whip up fears on immigration and Muslims.

They used the image of a funeral taking place of a 92-year-old veteran and community activist who had passed away. He served in the British Indian Army.

What Britain First proved to us this week

It has been a tough week for Britain First, losing more respect from its own supporters and being exposed for the vile group they are.

One of our recent discoveries revealed that Britain First is continuing to use a murdered soldier Lee Rigby to promote its political goals, despite a plea from his mother.

The hate group has also been slandering Muslim men, fabricating stories about them while stealing images off newspapers and hiding the full stories.

We also had a look at the first issue of Britain First’s newspaper, and found that the group had shared ISIS propaganda. It believed in, and used propaganda shared by a terror group it claims to oppose.

It was done in a deliberate attempt to scare people about immigration and blame the government. It came as no surprise as Britain First are pro-UKIP.

We also documented how the group shared rumours that the pilot - Andreas Lubitz - who crashed the Germanwings plane was a “convert to Islam”.

There is currently no evidence to suggest Lubitz was a convert and all that has been said is that the pilot required treatment for depression, and was recommended psychological assessment.

The BBC also reported that prosecutors say there is no evidence of a political or religious motive for his actions.

Britain First was therefore passing off rumours as ‘facts’ and therefore, spreading false information.

What Britain First proved to us this week is that it is the...

Friday, 27 March 2015

EDL also share plane crash rumours to pedal hate

After news emerged of a pilot bringing down a plane and killing 150 people, the Islamophobia network is doing its best to try and target Islam, by turning the co-pilot into a Muslim.

Facebook pages belonging to the English Defence League, the ‘Main London Page’ and the ‘Yorkshire Doncaster Division’ were among the many far-right pages that shared stories of the co-pilot Andreas Lubitz being a “convert to Islam”.

Hate group Britain First also shared the story, but the group came under scrutiny by its own supporters and lost a lot of respect.

No evidence yet to suggest Lubitz was a convert to Islam

All that is being alleged is that the pilot required treatment for depression, and was recommended regular psychological assessment.

The BBC also reported that prosecutors say there is no evidence of a political or religious motive for his actions.

Sources that were first to circulate rumours that Lubitz was supposedly a “convert to Islam” all seem to be anti-Muslim ones that are irrationally jumping to conclusions with no confirmations.

It is beyond disgusting how at the time of tragedy, these far-right hate groups are using the crash for their own political goals and spreading unconfirmed rumours they take as ‘news’.

Further reading:
  1. The Evidence That the Germanwings Copilot Was Muslim Is Sketchy as Hell

EDL division shares fake Islamic scholar quote

We all know the English Defence League (EDL) is on its knees. Yet the dozen members who think high of themselves still update their unpopular Facebook pages to stir hate.

This week, we wrote about how hate group Britain First shared an image of an Islamic scholar named Dr Zakir Naik, which quoted him saying something he didn’t even say.

Well, the Yorkshire EDL Leeds Division has regurgitated that very same image to its followers!

The truth - The quote was never said

Dr Zakir Naik never said what is said in this image. An obvious Twitter troll using his name wrote it, but brainless hate sites picked it up and passed it off as the truth in an effort to ridicule Muslims.

The UK’s far-right network constantly proves itself stupid.

We cannot count the amount of posts on this blog that have exposed lies they have shared.

Britain First lose supporters for sharing plane crash rumours

Sometimes, far-right hate groups are so keen in promoting themselves they pass rumors off as truth.

In recent news, a man has been suspected of deliberately crashing a Germanwings A320 plane in the French Alps and killed 150 people.

UK hate group Britain First was quick to pick up on the news and shared a link that suggested the pilot was a “convert to Islam”. In the post, Britain First wrote: “LET'S FACE FACTS: THE FREE WORLD IS AT WAR WITH JIHAD!”

Posted up on 27 March.

Britain First shares rumour to whip up hate

There is no evidence to suggest the man was a convert to Islam.

All that is being alleged is that the pilot required treatment for depression, and was recommended regular psychological assessment.

But the BBC also reports that prosecutors say there was no evidence of a political or religious motive for his actions and no suicide note has been found.

Fortunately, Britain First lost many supporters who knew something was wrong with the pathetic post.

Sources that have been circulating news that this man was supposedly a “convert to Islam” all seem to be anti-Muslim ones that are irrationally jumping to conclusions with no confirmations.

Britain First seem happy in sharing stories from the vile echo chamber to over 600,000 people just to further their political goals and scare the gullible.

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Britain First share ISIS propaganda to spread fear

Britain First are hell-bent on scaring people about immigrants, Muslims and extremists for its own political goals.

In its poor attempt of a newspaper, an article titled “Islamic State heading for the UK!” shows exactly how the group is spreading fear.

The article warns it’s “only a matter of time before ISIS took advantage” and says secret plans to “infiltrate Britain have been discovered detailing how ISIS intend to use Libya as a gateway to Europe”.

But as the Independent reported, the said plans were ISIS propaganda.

The researcher who helped bring this into light even emphasised that the propaganda “could not be taken as fact”, yet Britain First have used this as evidence to back up their anti-immigration views.

It just goes to show how vile Britain First are. And it wasn’t long ago when we saw supporters glorifying ISIS when they bombed innocents.

Britain First newspaper using unauthorised use of Crown?

Far-right hate group Britain First has put its logo, which features an uncanny resemblance to the Royal Crown, in its newspapers it says will be sold and circulated around the country.

On the paper the logo is visible on page 1, page 6 two times, and page 12 three times.

As seen on page 6.

Last year, Britain First was ordered to remove images of the Royal Crown from publicity material and merchandise and an investigation was carried out.

The use of the Royal Arms, as well as Royal Devices and Emblems such as St Edward’s Crown, is prohibited by law – unless the permission of the member of the Royal Family concerned has been obtained first.

Under the Trade Descriptions Act 1968, it is illegal “in the course of any trade or business” to give “false indication” that any goods or services are “approved by Her Majesty”.

Organisations wanting to feature certain royal symbols have to contact the Royal Household but Britain First failed to do so last year.

Britain First newspaper fail of the day

Britain First have decided to print newspapers to further their hateful cause. Readers can expect the same posts they publish on Facebook in print version, with a rip-off price attached.

The stories are strategically taken from news sites, with highly opinionated text attached targeting the Muslim community and brainwashing far-right supporters.

It is a poor attempt at a ‘newspaper’ and is not worth a single penny (the group is even trying to get donations to get them printed).

We looked at it online and found a silly mistake, where Britain First mentioned Halifax town being in South Yorkshire, when it isn’t.

If this was a copy paste job, then Britain First can’t even do that right!

Britain First make up fake story to slander Muslim

Hate group Britain First often likes to deceive people on social media, by making up lies and even disrespecting the dead as we documented here.

The group have attempted to slander a Muslim man they claim attacked the leader, by posting up an image of him claiming he is an ‘Islamist’ and was involved in ‘Muslim patrols’.

They said you “couldn’t make it up”... but this is exactly what they did.

The truth – It wasn’t a ‘Muslim patrol’

The image was in fact stolen from the Derby Telegraph who had reported on concerned residents who tried to deter sex workers and drug dealers from doing business near their homes.

The group of people in the image were in fact trying to do good in their community. The police even said that they had “no issues” with the group and had “no problems”.

Britain First were so low that in an attempt to cover themselves, they cut the caption of the image that read “Community members are holding nightly peaceful protests to try rid the area of kerb-crawling, prostitution and drug dealing.”

Source: Derby Telegraph.

In another report, the same man in the image helped drag off a violent drunk off a policeman.

Another Britain First lie exposed.

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Britain First use Lee Rigby’s name to promote themselves AGAIN

Far-right group Britain First is using social media to further achieve its political goals.

And despite the family of murdered Fusilier Lee Rigby, who was killed by extremists on 22 May, making a public plea for his name not to be taken in vain for political purposes, Britain First continues to use his name.

On 25 February, Britain First admins shared a photo of Lee on their Facebook.

On 23 March, admins downloaded photos of trucks given Lee’s name and uploaded them on Facebook.

The group admins share the photos for their own political goals, as they do with the majority, if not all of their Facebook posts. It is how their ‘marketing’ strategy works, by getting people to engage with posts.

And as we have documented, Britain First actually seem to show little respect to veterans and the dead.

Britain First: The only party that tried to win support with a Dress

Britain First as we have documented, are click-bait hungry. And an online presence is the only thing that keeps this vile hate group alive.

It describes itself as a ‘political’ party, and thinks it is a force to be reckoned with.

It does have more fans than key political parties in the UK, but what political party is so low that it tries to cash in on The Dress just to win over support?

The Dress, which made headlines this month.

Britain First also tried to win over support with pictures of dying dogs, as we documented here. Don’t fall for the click-bait posts on Facebook.

Britain First shares fake Islamic scholar quote

On 11 February, far-right hate group Britain First shared a supposed quote from a famous Islamic scholar Dr Zakir Naik.

It stupidly said: “I call for an immediate ban on the movie ‘Gravity’ as it shows ‘Earth’ to be spherical, which is against the Quran, & thus insulting to muslims.”

Of course, hateful remarks on Islam and the Muslim community in general issued in the comments by Britain First supporters.

The truth behind the quote – Zakir Naik never said it

The quote was never said by Zakir Naik. The quote was actually said on a fake Twitter account set up in his name and then this was regurgitated on far-right anti-Muslim sites and pages.

Zakir Naik’s appearances and speeches are also well-documented, and he is never found saying the words he said in that image. Rather he is documented to have said the complete opposite.

This is yet another example of Britain First deceiving people just to get measly Likes and Shares so it can promote its brainless cause.

Britain First disrespect Muslim veteran’s funeral

Britain First have shamed themselves once again for disrespecting a WW2 veteran’s funeral.

In an attempt to incite hate, Britain First posted up an image of Muslims praying outside and wrote a caption reading: “MEANWHILE IN BIRMINGHAM….”.

As Britain First had intended to stoke fear and outrage, some supporters were quick to call for death, including suggestions to bomb the innocent people with “napalm bombs” and “grenades”, as shown by screenshots below.

The truth behind the image

The image was in fact stolen from the Birmingham Mail who wrote a story last month.

It had reported on the funeral of Sufi Muhammed Abdullah Khan, a mosque founder who had served in the British Indian Army in WW2.

Called an “inspirational man,” he came to Birmingham in 1962 and worked for the community. The image was just outside the mosque where mourners prayed for him.

But Britain First showed everyone that they have no respect for veterans or the dead.

It’s not the first time Britain First have disrespected a veteran. They also photoshopped one veteran and he reported them for slander but then they removed the image to cover their tracks.

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Britain First cry babies are the only ones offended by flags

[Guest post]

Far-right hate group Britain First regularly complain about people (particularly foreigners) being offended by flags, as countless repetitive click-bait posts would suggest.

But Britain First don’t realise that no-one is being stopped from flying flags, and no-one seems to be offended by them (even the group fly them in demonstrations with no problem).

Recently it was Pakistan day, and Rochdale Council decided to fly the Pakistani flag in solidarity just for the day.

But Britain First cry babies were the only ones who were offended by a flag. They posted up a link to a story to incite hate saying: “ROCHDALE COUNCIL FLIES THE PAKISTANI FLAG! AGAIN!”.

Some supporters showed their true colours by using racial slurs, and some even sent Rochdale Council messages of abuse on social media.

Intolerance and hypocrisy from Britain First yet again.