Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Drunken EDL Chanters Racially Abused Staff

The Grimsby Telegraph has reported that a drunken woman angrily hurled racist abuse at staff in a takeaway shop – including chanting references to the far-right English Defence League (EDL).

She and the man, who were amongst a foul-mouthed group of troublemakers, turned on a Brazilian man who tried to intervene and they both assaulted him during an “ugly” confrontation, Grimsby magistrates heard.

Rebecca Swan, 38, and Christopher Drury, 23, admitted a racially aggravated assault on July 4 and Swan admitted using racially aggravated threatening words or behaviour.

The prosecutor said that Swan and others were repeatedly chanting “EDL” and pointing towards people inside the shop.

The group turned on one staff member and wrongly thought he was Polish. Swan said: “Where are you from? You shouldn’t be here… you are in England. You should live by my laws.”

Swan slapped the worker across his neck and Drury hit him in the chest with the palm of his hand, causing him to fall to the ground.

Mother-of-two Swan, a cleaner at a medical centre, was given a four-week, 9pm to 7am, curfew and was ordered to pay £85 costs and a Government-imposed £60 victims’ surcharge.

Unemployed Drury was given a one-year conditional discharge and was ordered to pay £85 costs and a £15 surcharge.

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Wednesday, 21 August 2013

EDL Spreads Fake News About Pub Banning Armed Forces

Recently, the English Defence League (EDL) shared a story claiming a Leicester pub “enforced a new scheme which seeks to ban all British military personnel from entering their premises in fear of upsetting local non British citizens”.

Rumours about The Globe pub were originally circulated via a blog named the Daily Bale, a far-right blog that seems to defame innocent people and make up stories.

The Daily Bale post was accompanied by a picture of a couple (also seen in the thumbnail above) which the site claimed was the landlord and landlady, but in reality, it was a couple from a pub in Cheshire. The picture had been lifted from a totally different, positive and unconnected story.

The story itself was found as untrue, according to the pub themselves...

 ...and the police, who confirmed that the bogus posts were false.

After the story was shared, members of staff received a barrage of threatening and abusive phone calls from people who believed in it, including members of the EDL.

Angry people harassed the pub and the venue had to be closed for a short while due to fears about the safety of staff. Here are examples of the threats some EDL supporters gave on the official Facebook Page.

The EDL later apologised for sharing the post when more people found out the truth. But why they shared it in the first place without knowing it was true is a question we all need to be asking.

This is not the first time the EDL has shared fake stories to whip up tensions between communities. Click here for the Top 10 lies circulated by the EDL.

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Saturday, 17 August 2013

Innocent Man Attacked During EDL March In Hull

This Is Hull has reported that an English Defence League (EDL) supporter attacked a man promoting multi-culturalism during a march through Hull city centre.

Shoppers and families enjoying a Saturday afternoon in the city centre watched helplessly as the EDL supporter broke free from police ranks to attack the innocent man outside St Stephen’s shopping centre in Ferensway.

The EDL marcher had to be dragged off the man, who had blood pouring from his head and his face, while children were playing on a funfair ride just yards away.

Shoppers watch as police arrest the EDL marcher. Photo: This Is Hull

He was wrestled to the ground by police while shoppers and passers by rushed to the aid of the injured man before the attacker was led away in handcuffs, screaming abuse.

A friend of the man who was attacked, who asked not to be identified, reportedly said: “We had banners saying we were proud to be part of a multi-cultural Hull. One broke free from the ranks and started battering him, took him to the ground, dragging him all over the place.

“We came out to say that the vast majority of Hull people don't agree with any of this and we want to live peacefully together."

The attack happened just minutes after around 300 EDL supporters set off on a protest march through Hull.

Humberside Police have confirmed a 45-year-old man has been arrested in connection with the attack.

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EDL Supporter Arrested For Throwing Firework At Portsmouth Rally

The BBC has reported that an English Defence League (EDL) supporter has been arrested on suspicion of assault after a firework was thrown at a police officer during a rally against the opening of a Muslim school in Hampshire.

The force said a 29-year-old man, from Southampton, had been arrested following the attack, which had left a female officer “shaken”.

Police said a 23-year-old man, from Portsmouth, had also been arrested before the march, on suspicion of being drunk and disorderly.

Saturday, 3 August 2013

Australian Defence League Urges Supporters To Make Weapons

We’ve seen many examples of dangerous influence within many parts of the far-right. And here’s another example from the oversees splinter group of the English Defence League (EDL).

The Australian Defence League Soldiers group, is urging its supporters to make their own weapons.

Countless far-right supporters and members have been arrested and caught for possessing arms and many have even used dangerous home-made weapons upon the innocent. One example from the far-right is that of Norwegian terrorist Anders Breivik, who killed more than 60 innocent people in 22 July 2011.

Sunday, 28 July 2013

Bare Naked Islam: The Hate Site That Celebrates Violence

Our blog exposes the English Defence League (EDL), its far-right allies and its supporters. So now we bring you the attention of Bare Naked Islam (BNI), a controversial hate blog hosted in the U.S.

Why? Well we decided to expose this hate-mongering site because it links to the EDL on its site, links it on its blogroll, the admins have expressed support for it, and because the EDL leader including EDL divisions have linked to its articles too.

The link that goes to the EDL website on Bare Naked Islam.

Examples of EDL Divisions sharing links to Bare Naked Islam.

EDL leader Tommy Robinson tweets a fear-mongering link from the site.

The blog has been controversial in the past, and was briefly shut down by WordPress for violating its terms and conditions, which comes to no surprise as it continuously posts up graphic content and posts what many would describe as “hate speech” towards Muslims.

Notably, this blog has featured a number of violent threats against mosques and Muslims, including the words from a commenter saying, “I want (Muslim) blood on my hands!”.

In 2011, Sheila Musaji of The American Muslim highlighted how the owner(s) of the site seemed to show sadistic joy when there were repeated arson attacks on mosques in France.

Bare Naked Islam published an article titled “WOO HOO! Yet ANOTHER anti-Muslim attack on a French mosque” and its subheading read: “Apparently, Hell hath no fury like a Frenchman scorned. It’s the third attack on a mosque just this month. Will the Muslims ever get a clue that they are not welcome in France?”

There were various threatening comments left below the post. The admin (who is regularly online) approved of them at the time.

This post was quickly removed once it gained attention. And like many far-right hate groups and sites, it tried to cover its tracks by removing the post.

A similar example of insensitive blog posts was when the admin(s) published an article titled “Oh, BOO HOO! Muslim man’s hatred of dogs gets him killed”, upon hearing of a young male who was scared of dogs died after plunging in a lake. Also found on the comment section, was this sadistic comment left by the admin.

Facts about Bare Naked Islam

  • Bare Naked Islam is known to post up stories and news without verification, making it a unreliable source of information. An example we recorded was when the site reported that “Muslims danced in the streets” after the Boston marathon attack (click here for our article). We found it to be untrue.
  • We exposed this site for sharing fake news in 2012 as well, when it claimed a horse was raped by a “Muslim”. Upon investigation, we found that no incident happened and Bare Naked Islam even went to the lengths in sharing a dead horse picture that was 5 years older than the story (click here for our article).
  • Bare Naked Islam also regurgitates and shares stories with other hate blogs, such as IslamVersusEurope and Vivienco, who have been criticised for sharing unreliable stories too.
  • Bare Naked Islam urges people to not even hire Muslims.
  • Countless supporters of the site have posted comments advocating violence. Many can still be found today.
  • Well-known far-right Islamophobes such as Robert Spencer of Jihadwatch and Pamela Geller of Atlasshrugs (both co-founders of American hate groups) have defended Bare Naked Islam in the past.
  • The admin of the group posted a comment saying Norwegian bomber Anders Breivik “killed the wrong people”, which sounds like the admin perhaps, preferred others to be killed instead.

  • The admin of the group posted a comment explaining why he/she chooses to demonise Muslims, saying he/she simply “enjoys doing it.”

Bare Naked Islam is clearly a dangerous hate site. With its consistent violent anti-Muslim rhetoric and open sympathy for hate and violence upon the innocent, it surely is one of the lowest of the low.

The fact it also has to make up false news to “mock and malign” others is another example of the bias bigotry that exists in the Islamophobia network.

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Tuesday, 23 July 2013

English Volunteer Force Targets Young Female Reporter

On 18 July, we reported how supporters of the English Defence League (EDL) and the Casual United splinter group were strongly condemned for harassment and threats of violence targeted at a young female reporter.

These groups accused the young reporter (who we shall keep anonymous) of ripping up flowers which had been laid at Sheffield cenotaph in honour of drummer Lee Rigby, even though the National Union of Journalists (NUJ) and the reporter’s workplace denied these claims.

But it seems they weren’t the only groups doing it.

The English Volunteer Force (EVF), an intolerant splinter group of the notorious EDL group also joined in, sharing links of sites sharing her personal information and pictures (of what is thought to be her).

Here are some vile comments left by EVF supporters.

Threats have been made against her and some supporters even asked for her address. Without a doubt, targeting and harassing young women is definitely a new low for these extreme far-right groups.

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Monday, 22 July 2013

Woman Fined For Racism While Drunk On Way To EDL Rally

The Birmingham Mail has reported that a woman has been fined £100 after she drunkenly told police she was going “P*** bashing with the EDL”.

Lianne Tyler made the racist remark to a custody sergeant after being arrested on her way to Saturday’s English Defence League (EDL) protest in Birmingham city centre.

Photo: Birmingham Mail

The 20-year-old of Bordesley Green, also twice referred to a police officer as a “black c***”, the court heard.

City magistrates were told officers had found Tyler drunk and carrying alcohol in New Street. She refused to be moved on and told police: “I’m not f****** leaving town, I’m going to EDL.”

She pleaded guilty to offences of failing to disperse and racially aggravated public order.

She was fined £50 on each charge, but the fine was deemed served by her time spent in custody since the afternoon of the EDL protest.

Police are continuing to search for further offenders using CCTV.
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Sunday, 21 July 2013

EDL Supporter Brings Child To Violent Protest

The English Defence League (EDL), neither needed nor wanted, caused havoc during their protest in Birmingham yesterday.

Supporters violently clashed with police, damaged property, shouted abusive chants, and missiles were thrown including bottles and bricks.

Here is a picture of one EDL supporter who brought his child to the protest. The child is clearly scared.

Photo: Reuters

The Mirror reported that one onlooker said: “Why the man took his child anywhere near this event beggars belief. The child looked so frightened to be caught up the middle of such violence.”

Some EDL supporters were injured during the protest, from projectiles thrown by members of their own group.

Clearly, this was no place for a child to be.

Woman Charged With Violent Disorder After EDL Birmingham Demo

The Huffington Post has reported that a 20-year-old woman has been charged with violent disorder after police came under attack from demonstrators at an English Defence League (EDL) protest in Birmingham.

West Midlands Police said two men had also been charged with offences connected to the EDL rally and a counter-protest in Birmingham city centre.

Officers made around 20 arrests, mainly for public order breaches, after being pelted with cans, bottles, stones and other missiles during disorder.

One officer suffered head injuries because of bricks thrown by a EDL supporter(s). He was treated and later released from hospital.

A police spokesman said the 20-year-old woman would appear before Birmingham Magistrates’ Court.

Two men aged 26 and 22 have been bailed to appear before Walsall Magistrates' Court on August 9 charged with possessing offensive weapons.

The spokesman added: “Police enquiries are ongoing to see whether any other offences were committed during the demonstrations.

“The wealth of exceptional quality CCTV within the area is likely to provide significant investigative opportunities to bring a large number of offenders to justice for what, at times, appeared to be serious offences.”

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Saturday, 20 July 2013

EDL Complain About Toilets, Whilst Pushing Them Around

The English Defence League (EDL) and its far-right allies seem to have a habit of acting like victims when something doesn’t go according to plan.

And as we know, the recent EDL protest in Birmingham didn’t turn out too well, with EDL supporters hurling missiles at police, hurting each other and damaging property.

The official EDL Facebook Page posted up this status:

This is yet a petty attempt to make the EDL look innocent, because toilet facilities were in fact seen during the protest. And EDL supporters were seen pushing some around themselves.

Watch the video below and go to 0.34 seconds in to see the portaloos being pushed around whilst the EDL violently clashed with the police.

People present at the protest also recounted portaloos being pushed around. One reporter from the Birmingham Mail (also present at the scene) wrote that some EDL supporters were ‘clashing with police, pulling down library fences and pushing portable toilet around.’

Birmingham To Recover After EDL Carnage

The English Defence League (EDL) protested in Birmingham today and as various images, video and news reports prove, the EDL did nothing positive.

As we’ve wrote previously, supporters of the EDL damaged property, threw missiles including bottles and bricks, pulled down fences, clashed with police officers doing their job and even hurt each other in the process.

According to the West Midlands Police, more than 30 arrests were made (the majority being for public order and breach of the peace offences).

A workman repairs the damage.
A smashed window after the protest.

Pictures: EDL Hurt Eachother In Birmingham

The far-right group, the English Defence League (EDL), protested in Birmingham today (20/07/13) and it certainly didn’t go too well.

Supporters of the EDL damaged property, threw missiles including bottles and bricks, pulled down fences, clashed with police officers doing their job and hurt each other in the process.

More than 30 arrests were made (the majority being for public order and breach of the peace offences), according to the West Midlands Police.

EDL Protests Cost Police Over £10m In Four Years

The BBC and various other news sources have reported that the cost of policing English Defence League (EDL) demonstrations is causing “considerable concern”, West Midland Police’s commissioner said recently.

And the BBC learned through a Freedom of Information request that policing EDL marches in England has cost more than £10m over four years.

West Midlands Police has spent more than £500,000 on multiple protests, whilst Mr Jones said was putting a strain on the force’s budget.

“We find it grossly unhelpful that this group is coming to demonstrate here again. They are extremely unwelcome and it is likely to blow a very significant hole in the police budget,” Mr Jones said.

“We’ve had significant reductions in our budget and policing these demonstrations is a significant cost and strain on our already stretched budgets,” he said.

The remaining forces said they did not have to police any EDL demonstrations or could not provide a cost.

Bedfordshire Police recorded the highest cost of £2,447,172, followed by West Yorkshire Police at £1,911,088. This included the cost of officers’ overtime and of mutual aid - borrowing officers from other forces.

Friday, 19 July 2013

Pamela Geller And EDL Exploit French Rail Crash

It’s no surprise anymore when we read articles and blog posts when far-right bigots and groups known for their attacks on Islam and Muslims, blame ‘Muslims’ for crimes that aren’t caused by ‘Muslims’.

And here’s another vile example of this being done.

Pamela Geller of Atlasshrugs, a co-founder of a American hate group, and an ally of the English Defence League (EDL), tried claiming ‘Muslim youths’ looted the dead after a French Rail crash, which is now believed to have been caused by technical faults.

Geller wrote:
Quote: “This is the second unexplained train crash in as many weeks. More bodies are still being recovered in a mysterious Quebec train disaster in Canada. In this latest disaster in France, French Atlas readers tell me that Muslim “youths” were looting corpses at the train crash site. Most media neglected this monstrous bit of news; The Daily Telegraph makes a brief mention of the ghouls, referring to the Muslims as, ahem, “local people.”
Looters weren’t exactly ‘Muslims’, Geller made news up

There have been some reports of looters but those reports only mention “jeunes” and “local people” in their descriptions.

No credible source mentions ‘Muslims’ except for hate blogs Islam vs Europe, Sheikh Yer’Mami and Pamela Geller (not surprising as they have been known to incite hate and demonise Muslims).

“Jeunes” simply means young people, in this case, French youth. No one but Geller and other Islamophobic sites (who are known to rip articles from each other) mentioned Muslims at all in relation to what happened in France.

The EDL joins in sharing incorrect news

We at EDLReview also noticed that the EDL was sharing the misleading news. Note how these two Divisions – The Bournemouth Division and the Poole Division – put their own twist on the story, saying the ‘youths’ threw stones and ran away.

LoonWatch originally exposed this and concluded in its article:
Quote: ‘There is a reason that any respectable media have neglected Geller’s “monstrous bit of news”, and that is because it is not news, but simply another of Geller’s endless steam of sick Islamophobic fantasies.’
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