Tuesday, 14 August 2012

EDL’s Alan Lake Sacked From Job

A key strategist and funder of the English Defence League (EDL) named Alan Lake (real name Alan Ayling) has been sacked from his job at a major international development bank.

The man is also the owner of a right-wing website, and has helped come up with strategies for the EDL as well as helping fund them. In an interview on Norwegian TV he said he has,
Quote: “…given some money to help some EDL things happen”

Lake has admitted meeting the Islamophobic Norwegian blogger Fjordman (real name Peder Jensen) who is cited repeatedly in Anders Breivik’s manifesto (amongst many other Islamophobes and right-wing fascists).

The Leeds Council sacked another EDL strategist named Chris Knowles recently.

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  1. He should put his money where his mouth is and shut the hell up.