Saturday, 29 September 2012

EDL Affiliates Lie About 400-Man ‘Muslim Mob’

English Defence League (EDL) affiliate websites such as StormCloudUK, JaneyEnglish and the Northampton Casuals United have created and regurgitated a false story named ‘Police are unable to control a 400 strong Muslim mob in #Walsall so they turn on #edl’ referring to the EDL’s protest at Walsall today. Click on the blog names for proof of articles.

Even the EDL's Rochdale Division mindlessly copies and pastes the story.

They claim a ‘400 strong Muslim mob’ was present at the protest. But the number of 400 is a tad too hard to believe, and we have YET to see any pictures of this 400-strong ‘mob’. 400 is a big number, and if true, we would’ve seen them already.

This made-up mob doesn't seem too violent either, as we've seen more evidence of EDL supporters clashing violently with the police, nevermind any opposition.

The far-right is stooping low once again making up lies.

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  1. Lol some EDL claim things were lobbed at them, but the police had control over the opposition very far away. They must have had really long arms ha!