Thursday, 18 April 2013

Muslims Dancing In Streets After Boston Terrorist Attack?

Far-right sites, blogs and hate groups such as the Israel News AgencyBareNakedIslamSeraphic PressAtlasshrugsMr Conservative and the Gateway Pundit (amongst many others) have claimed that ‘Muslims’ were ‘dancing in the streets of Gaza’ after the horrific Boston marathon attack and handed out sweets.

This fake story can now be exposed as a blatant attempt to demonize Islam, Muslims and Palestinians. And we’ll show you why.

(SAID KHATIB/AFP/Getty Images)

(SAID KHATIB/AFP/Getty Images)

Circulated stories reuse pictures over one year old!

Stories using these pictures (like the ones shown above) are not new. These pictures provided by Getty Images (here) go as far back as March 2011!

It shows a Palestinian offering sweets to some people in the southern Gaza Strip town of Rafah, after a terror attack in the West Bank settlement of Itamar where five family members were murdered in their sleep.

The story, which was picked up by an Israeli tabloid, was then circulated by the press which reported jubilant Muslims crowding Gaza’s streets, handing out candy and sweets in the wake of the murders, even though no “jubilant Muslims” are seen in the above pictures.

It is only one man in these pictures, so this is being over-dramatized by the far-right, who are making it look like many Palestinians were celebrating.

We can therefore, conclude these pictures do not show anyone ‘celebrating’ the Boston bombings, seeing as they are over a year old whilst the bombings in Boston were only three days ago.

Circulated video is over one year old too!

Islamophobic hate websites and blogs such as BareNakedIslam are also circulating a video (here) that supposedly shows Palestinians celebrating.

But the uploader of this video uploaded this video one year ago, so it can’t be recent! Furthermore, the video title on Vimeo says it is a midnight dance party, not a “celebration” of the Boston attacks.

Conclusion - Fake story

In conclusion, this story has been exposed as unreliable. The makers of this story have reused pictures and videos which were on the net more than a year ago and are making the story look new. The sources circulating this false story have been exposed as being misleading bias sources of information.

There is no proof that any ‘Muslim’ was ‘dancing in the streets of Gaza’ after the horrific Boston marathon attack took place. These stories are fake pieces of propaganda.

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  1. haha all these hate blogs just lie all the time

  2. Same thing happened with 9/11. These stories are absolutely SH*T and these blogs and bigots should be ashamed of themselves!

    Love the exposé!

  3. Pamela Geller shame on youu

    1. Shaem on her for bein a wicked wench

  4. i don't get it. this is good because it is not showing people celebrating after the murder of several, including an 8 year old child, in boston but instead celebrating after the murder of three jewish children and their parents in a jewish settlement? huh? do you realize what you just "exposed"????