Saturday, 28 March 2015

Britain First leader turned up to cenotaph with knickers on head

Everyone who willingly or unwillingly shares any ‘Support Our Troops’ posts from Britain First should well know that the group isn’t all that it seems.

Paul Golding, the leader of the group once turned up to a Remembrance Sunday march at the cenotaph with a pair of women’s knickers on his head.

How respectful...


This was when he was in the racist National Front (NF) group, according to HOPE Not Hate. But in an interview to Channel 4, he said that someone else “had put them” on his head.

“Oh this was ages ago, it doesn’t matter anymore”

Well, Britain First recently disrespected the war dead by sharing a photo of a funeral of a WW2 veteran to whip up fears on immigration and Muslims.

They used the image of a funeral taking place of a 92-year-old veteran and community activist who had passed away. He served in the British Indian Army.

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