Thursday, 26 March 2015

Britain First make up fake story to slander Muslim

Hate group Britain First often likes to deceive people on social media, by making up lies and even disrespecting the dead as we documented here.

The group have attempted to slander a Muslim man they claim attacked the leader, by posting up an image of him claiming he is an ‘Islamist’ and was involved in ‘Muslim patrols’.

They said you “couldn’t make it up”... but this is exactly what they did.

The truth – It wasn’t a ‘Muslim patrol’

The image was in fact stolen from the Derby Telegraph who had reported on concerned residents who tried to deter sex workers and drug dealers from doing business near their homes.

The group of people in the image were in fact trying to do good in their community. The police even said that they had “no issues” with the group and had “no problems”.

Britain First were so low that in an attempt to cover themselves, they cut the caption of the image that read “Community members are holding nightly peaceful protests to try rid the area of kerb-crawling, prostitution and drug dealing.”

Source: Derby Telegraph.

In another report, the same man in the image helped drag off a violent drunk off a policeman.

Another Britain First lie exposed.

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