Sunday, 5 July 2015

10 questions I want Britain First to answer

[Guest post]

Today I issue a challenge to the far-right UK movement Britain First. Here are 10 questions I want them to answer. But I doubt they will.

1. Why did your page admin ‘Like’ a status on Facebook about dynamiting mosques?

2. You sent ‘condolences’ to the victims of the Tunisia and France attacks. Why did you miss out Kuwait? Is it because Muslims were the victims?

3. When you ‘invaded’ near-empty mosques, why did you and your group crowd round an old man and intimidate him? Did you feel proud of yourselves?

4. Do you really think you have legitimate followers and support on Facebook when you share click-bait images and have been accused of buying Likes?

5. Lee Rigby’s mother said she was “heartbroken” when you used her son to promote your party. Why did you not listen and share his image again?

6. Why did you remove an image of the man holding the “Boycott bigotry” sign? Is it because you knew people had found out you had defamed a Navy veteran?

7. You passed off ISIS propaganda as truth to support anti-immigration views, why? You also recycled it in your newspaper and your feeder pages (here and here).

8. When you [leader Paul Golding], were told to produce a charity collecting license by a veteran, instead of packing up, why didn’t you just produce it?

9. Why did you [leader Paul Golding], refuse to turn up to a debate with the iERA they invited you to and even said they would provide you security? You said it was a “leadership decision”, but aren’t you the leader?

10. You are apparently the ‘best-funded small party’, but why do you then keep asking for donations? In a recent video you uploaded on 24 June, you used the words “please please please” and asked your supporters to donate towards your legal fees.

A former member of yours told PressTV that you are using people’s weaknesses for your “own gain” - prove me wrong.

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