Sunday, 29 April 2012

Introducing The British Freedom Party: Promoting The Anti-Islamic Message

The British Freedom Party (BFP), is a relatively new group, and should be looked upon with great caution.

With EDL leader Tommy Robinson as the new Deputy Leader, its clearly obvious they have links.

Asking for funds to spread the anti-Islamic message

The 'threat of Islam' is mentioned before economics, education, health. Is there more concern of the 'threat of Islam'?

As we can see, the BFP is trying rack up funds and donations to gain a stronger hold in British politics to help promote an anti-Islamic cause, which will raise tensions and make divides throughout the British community.

The BFP is a hate group.

The EDL also asked for funds for similar items - Coincidence?

Strangely, the request for donations is similar to how the EDL tried asking for donations for the Luton protest on the 5th of May (the items to be bought not really having any relevance to the protest whatsoever).

Click here to read how the EDL might be secretly aiding the BFP.

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