Sunday, 28 July 2013

Bare Naked Islam: The Hate Site That Celebrates Violence

Our blog exposes the English Defence League (EDL), its far-right allies and its supporters. So now we bring you the attention of Bare Naked Islam (BNI), a controversial hate blog hosted in the U.S.

Why? Well we decided to expose this hate-mongering site because it links to the EDL on its site, links it on its blogroll, the admins have expressed support for it, and because the EDL leader including EDL divisions have linked to its articles too.

The link that goes to the EDL website on Bare Naked Islam.

Examples of EDL Divisions sharing links to Bare Naked Islam.

EDL leader Tommy Robinson tweets a fear-mongering link from the site.

The blog has been controversial in the past, and was briefly shut down by WordPress for violating its terms and conditions, which comes to no surprise as it continuously posts up graphic content and posts what many would describe as “hate speech” towards Muslims.

Notably, this blog has featured a number of violent threats against mosques and Muslims, including the words from a commenter saying, “I want (Muslim) blood on my hands!”.

In 2011, Sheila Musaji of The American Muslim highlighted how the owner(s) of the site seemed to show sadistic joy when there were repeated arson attacks on mosques in France.

Bare Naked Islam published an article titled “WOO HOO! Yet ANOTHER anti-Muslim attack on a French mosque” and its subheading read: “Apparently, Hell hath no fury like a Frenchman scorned. It’s the third attack on a mosque just this month. Will the Muslims ever get a clue that they are not welcome in France?”

There were various threatening comments left below the post. The admin (who is regularly online) approved of them at the time.

This post was quickly removed once it gained attention. And like many far-right hate groups and sites, it tried to cover its tracks by removing the post.

A similar example of insensitive blog posts was when the admin(s) published an article titled “Oh, BOO HOO! Muslim man’s hatred of dogs gets him killed”, upon hearing of a young male who was scared of dogs died after plunging in a lake. Also found on the comment section, was this sadistic comment left by the admin.

Facts about Bare Naked Islam

  • Bare Naked Islam is known to post up stories and news without verification, making it a unreliable source of information. An example we recorded was when the site reported that “Muslims danced in the streets” after the Boston marathon attack (click here for our article). We found it to be untrue.
  • We exposed this site for sharing fake news in 2012 as well, when it claimed a horse was raped by a “Muslim”. Upon investigation, we found that no incident happened and Bare Naked Islam even went to the lengths in sharing a dead horse picture that was 5 years older than the story (click here for our article).
  • Bare Naked Islam also regurgitates and shares stories with other hate blogs, such as IslamVersusEurope and Vivienco, who have been criticised for sharing unreliable stories too.
  • Bare Naked Islam urges people to not even hire Muslims.
  • Countless supporters of the site have posted comments advocating violence. Many can still be found today.
  • Well-known far-right Islamophobes such as Robert Spencer of Jihadwatch and Pamela Geller of Atlasshrugs (both co-founders of American hate groups) have defended Bare Naked Islam in the past.
  • The admin of the group posted a comment saying Norwegian bomber Anders Breivik “killed the wrong people”, which sounds like the admin perhaps, preferred others to be killed instead.

  • The admin of the group posted a comment explaining why he/she chooses to demonise Muslims, saying he/she simply “enjoys doing it.”

Bare Naked Islam is clearly a dangerous hate site. With its consistent violent anti-Muslim rhetoric and open sympathy for hate and violence upon the innocent, it surely is one of the lowest of the low.

The fact it also has to make up false news to “mock and malign” others is another example of the bias bigotry that exists in the Islamophobia network.

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  1. These stupid sites tend to bring out the worst in man.

  2. You conveniently ignore the extreme Zionism found at BNI.

  3. The people involved with the running and promoting of this site are nothing better than the extremists they downright oppose.

  4. Very true. This is an extremely hateful blog with only the worst coming out - regardless of the issue,

  5. I strongly agree with you sir. Freedom of speech is good, while telling ties (stories without verification) and spreading hate is EXTREMELY dangerous for all the good humans. BNI tries to sale the fear. PS: I am not a muslim. Evenif I was one, it doesn't matter. I Love only good humans including good muslims, hindu, christian, budhist. All good people, BEnUNITED ALWAYS. Thanks :) Peace!

  6. Bare Naked Islam also has a video on it that shows a group of men raping and beheading a woman and the site states that it was the bad Muslims that did it, which wasn't true because it was a well-known video of a group of Hindu men from India raping a Muslim woman. I made a polite post on the BNI site with the verifiable evidence that they were not Muslims, and guess what? Bare Naked Islam deleted my post because it went against their false narrative. Once they deleted my posts they definitely lost all credibility and showed how evil they really are.

  7. The Barenakedislam hate site recently celebrated it's 100 millionth visitor it proudly trumpeted.
    If you visit the BNI hate site and click to refresh the page on your PC and you'll notice the BNI page visit counter jumps 200-300 numbers up as fast in the few seconds it takes refresh.
    Do it a few times then you'll also notice a page blocker anti-virus warning with your I.P address logged come up next time you try to visit.
    BNI is hate site run by a rabid, foaming at the mouth, full on nutter and BNI is frequented by and populated with comments by like minded halfwits with varying degrees of mental retardation.
    Nothing on BNI can or should be believed as being true.