Sunday, 22 April 2012

‘Peacefully Protesting Against Islamic Extremism’ Really?

We don’t know when this new tagline was made, but it sure is funny. Not because its inaccurate, but it just doesn’t fit well with the EDL’s standards of protests, because the EDL are known for being a nuisance. They’re even more aggressive than the Muslim extremists they opposed whom merely shouted insults (the extremist group has been banned). The EDL just go the whole new level.

Even if there have been a few peaceful protests, the majority of EDL protests do tend to involve fighting and violence (as well as a waste of taxpayer money). As an example, ordinary citizens in Leicester faced a great ordeal when they were minding they’re own business and eating at a restaurant when all of a sudden... EDL PROTESTERS SMASH WINDOWS, BREAK IN AND SCARE THE HELL OUT OF THEM!

Even a baby crying doesn’t make them turn back.

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