Sunday, 22 April 2012

Who Are The English Defence League (EDL)?

The English Defence League (EDL) is an organization supposedly opposing ‘Islamic extremism’ and anything Islamic for that matter. Although it claims only to oppose Islamic extremism it targets the entire Muslim community and its actions deliberately seek to whip up tensions and violence between Muslim and non-Muslim communities.

The group began when a few extremists (not even 0.01% of the Muslim population) made fun of army personnel. So now, the EDL stages protests around Britain in opposition (regularly mixing Islamic extremism with Islam itself). Little do they know, they've done more bad than good (nothing good to be honest).

Many of its protests have resulted in violence and it merely adds fuel to the fire. What started as a loose network of football hooligans has developed into a new far-right movement, which poses a threat to Britain, its religious and ethnic diversity, its politics, its economy, and its British values.

This site will help expose and review the actions of the EDL, its leader and its supporters. It won't be too hard, they (and their partners) are not exactly the brightest bunch...

This bright supporter explains what the EDL is about.

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