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The EDL Is Not Racist? Have A Look At This

Many supporters of the English Defence League (EDL) say the EDL is not a racist group and in an miserable attempt to sugar-coat it, try to prove their point by sharing photos of EDL supporters with some people of different backgrounds.

But there is another side of the coin that shows many parts of the EDL is indeed racist, or happens to condone racism.

Racists pictured alongside EDL leaders

In 2011, photographers from campaign group Hope Not Hate captured the moment EDL member Steven Crispin fractured the jaw of a Muslim man during an EDL march in Dagenham.

The march, which was not policed, was in protest against a former Butcher’s shop being used by the Muslim community. Unaware there was a march, an Asian male and his brother were strolling towards a video shop when they were set upon by a gang of EDL supporters.

This is what found on Crispin’ Facebook and his alternate account (set up to hide his identity)... racist remarks and admiration of Nazism and Hitler.

And now here he is alongside EDL leaders Tommy Robinson and Kevin Carroll.

Here’s another Sunderland-based man EDLNews caught posing alongside joint leader of the EDL Kevin Carroll.

Here’s what was found on his Facebook, along with many other remarks made against minorities.

EDL leaders make racist European allies

The Swedish Defence League (SDL) is a cousin of the EDL and below is a picture of the EDL leaders alongside Isak Nygren, the leader of the SDL.

The SDL leader (middle) with EDL leaders beside him

In 2008, the SDL’s leader, Isak Nygren, attempted to join the neo-Nazi Nordiska Förbundet but then joined far right Sweden Democrats Party instead. It is also reported that along with other remarks, he posted on an online forum that he is against ‘race mixing’.

The Stockholm Division of the SDL see him as a visionary and posted a photo of him alongside Nazi Germany’s propagandist Joseph Goebbels, declaring that Nygren is the ‘reincarnation’ of a ‘great man’.

Richard Abrams is another leading member of the SDL who is known to hold extreme views. It is reported that on his website, he wrote:
Quote: ‘Me and some friends are fighting a struggle; RECLAIM THE SWASTIKA!’
EDL leaders shake hands with racist

Below is a picture of EDL leaders Tommy Robinson and Kevin Carroll with EDL supporter Gil Gould A.K.A ‘Mick Wittman’ (in the middle).

EDLNews captured this comment made on his Facebook.

EDL joint leader Kevin Carroll arrested for race-hate crime

According to the BBC, the Independant (and many other sources), Kevin Carroll, joint leader of the EDL and cousin of EDL leader Tommy Robinson was arrested and bailed on suspicion of a race-hate crime early this year.

Carroll was arrested in Luton by officers investigating a message he was suspected of posting on the social networking site Facebook. The message allegedly incited racial hatred.

A spokesman for Bedfordshire Police said: “A 43-year-old was arrested on Saturday morning on suspicion of displaying threatening, abusive or insulting written material with intent to cause racial hatred.”

Carroll has caused some stir in the past after he said Muslims were “backward savages” because they celebrated Eid.

EDL organiser says “Send the black c***s home” in Newcastle

At an EDL protest in Newcastle, a speaker is caught on camera saying: 
Quote: “I know what I can say me… [slurred speech]… send the black c*nts home… send the black c*nts home.”

EDL supporters who uploaded the video made sure to cut this part out.

EDL “Sikh” spokesperson makes racist comments

An ex-key member of the EDL named Guramit Singhwho was often cited as an example to prove the EDL was not racist, was highlighted in a BBC Three documentary. Undercover audio footage exposed him saying he hated “P*kis”.

EDL division and ally make racist jokes

Racism at EDL protests

We don’t need to go much into detail on this, as the list of racist chants and remarks made by EDL supporters is never-ending. Here are some examples:
  • Three taken into custody on suspicion of committing racially aggravated public order offences at Chelmsford march (Essex Police)
  • Three EDL supporters held for racist tweets ahead of Newcastle protest (Huffington Post, 25/05/2013)
  • Seven jailed for violence after EDL demonstration in Cleckheaton. Hurl racist abuse at passer-bys and chased an Asian male shortly before beating him down (Dewsbury Reporter, 15/01/13)
  • Two homes (on an prominently Asian neighbourhood) attacked after EDL protest in Luton. Brick thrown through window and EDL painted on the door (Socialist Worker, 06/02/11)
  • Violence and racism at an EDL protest in Stoke. In the video below, one man is heard saying to an officer:
Quote: 'You f*cking p*ki loving b*stard!'

Racist attacks upon innocents by EDL supporters

Here are some examples of racist attacks committed by EDL supporters:
  • Four EDL supporters jailed for an unprovoked vicious attack on two Asian teenagers in Leeds. One of the teens is hit with a stick and one is slashed across the face. (Dewsbury Reporter, 30/03/12)
  • Six EDL supporters fined for chanting racially motivated abuse at Middlesbrough railway station. (Northern Echo, 15/10/12)
  • EDL supporter launches a torrent of racial abuse and attacks a passenger travelling alone from Halifax to Bradford (Halifax Courier, 07/03/11)
  • EDL supporter jailed for chanting racist slogans at Muslim worshippers (Barnsley Chronicle, 21/11/11)
  • Eleven members of a drunken racist mob jailed for terrorising two cafe staff in Carlisle and shouting racist abuse. Video of incident is taped via CCTV (News & Star, 10/02/12)
  • Bristol EDL member and BNP supporter smashes taxi window and racially abuses drivers (Bristol Evening Post, 09/03/12)
  • EDL supporters chant racist slurs on train, also aggressively punching and disturbing passengers (Rochdale Online, 30/03/11)
  • EDL supporter arrested for his racist outburst and spitting on a police officer (Cambridge News, 12/03/12)
  • Two EDL protesters cause a racist scene in a Turkish kebab shop. Staff arm themselves and chase them out of the shop (Kent Online, 19/09/11)
  • EDL supporters target Asian shopkeepers and family in Bulwell, one holding a knife and hurling racial abuse (HucknallDispatches, 30/08/12)
  • EDL supporters banned from football ground for shouting racist abuse at school children (Barking & Dagenham Post, 08/03/12)

EDL admin ‘Like’ Nazi-related posts?

In this video, the uploader catches EDL admins ‘Liking’ comments that say, “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children” and making no effort to delete them.

The words “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children” are inspired by passages from Hitler’s Mein Kampf.

EDL supporters doing Nazi salutes

There are many more pictures.

Welsh Defence League (WDL) burn anti-Nazi flag and do Nazi salutes

In Oct 2009, the Guardian reported that far-right protesters from the WDL in Swansea burned an anti-Nazi flag and made Nazi salutes. South Wales police said a 25-year-old man was also arrested for a racially aggravated public order offence and was detained.

EDL supporters fly EDL flag alongside 14/88 flag

In 2012, the EDL joined neo-Nazis in an attack on a anti-Jubilee party. Nazi salutes were made and flags of the EDL and the National Front (NF) group (also known to uphold racist views) flew side by side. Firecrackers were also hurled by EDL supporters at others.

The words “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children” written on the NF flag are inspired by passages from Hitler’s Mein Kampf.

A supporter does the Nazi salute.

EDL agreed to inviting Pastor Terry Jones who advocates N-word

In 2010, the EDL agreed to invite controversial Quran-burning Pastor Terry Jones to a Luton protest. The EDL said he had approached them and they agreed in principle.

But here’s the interesting bit. LoonWatch shared a video of Pastor Jones using and advocating the N-word.

Eventually, the EDL invitation was rejected and the EDL merely pointed out they “disapproved” the burning of the Quran. They did not however, mention disapproval of his views many may find racist.

And it certainly isn’t good for the EDL’s image when Rabbi Nachum Shifren (also known as the Surfing Rabbi), who has made speeches at various EDL rallies and been pictured with EDL leaders...

... is alongside Pastor Jones at an anti-mosque rally in America.

And here again. They look like good friends no?

Racist comments left by supporters

Racist comments can be found on a near-regular basis on EDL Pages, especially on links that EDL admins post up to inflame tension in British communities. Here are some we screenshot on 29 April 2013.

EDL supporters ruin anti-racism event

In June 2011, the Yorkshire Evening Post reported that police were investigating an incident after an anti-racism concert was stormed by protesters who were chanting support for the EDL.

Some men were arrested on suspicion of affray after a hail of rocks and bottles were thrown into the 150 strong crowd of music fans and at windows, in a venue located near Leeds city centre.

Two people were injured at the event. One man who brought his son to the event was also injured.

Racist vandalism left by presumably EDL supporters

There have been various cases of vandalism and fingers have been pointed to EDL supporters, who have been known to stir up tensions against mainly the Muslim community. Many pieces of graffiti have bared the ‘EDL’ initials and some have even been had Nazi swastikas alongside.

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  1. It's a shame to see some of the Jewish, Hindu, Sikh communities also being manipulated and fooled by the EDL to join such a nazi organization just because of their own hatred towards the peace Muslims.