Sunday, 6 May 2012

Introducing EDL Deputy Kevin Carroll

Being the EDL leader’s cousin, Kevin Carroll is the EDL’s trusted Deputy leader. He shares the same opinions as the EDL leader and has had his fair share of working in the far right. Carroll signed the nomination papers for BNP’s Robert Sherrat. And strangely, Sherrat was also a member of the Neo-Nazi movement named the November 9th Society.

According to the BBC, he (along with another male) was charged with committing a public order offense at a protest in which he chanted offensive remarks. He was given a nine-month conditional discharge and was ordered to pay costs of £175.

Just recently at the protest in Luton (5th May), Carroll went a bit too far and said to the EDL crowd that newly-elected Bradford MP George Galloway should be “hung for treason”. Some parts of the EDL have done the same thing.

Click here to read the similar death threat made by the South Yorkshire Infidels.

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