Thursday, 23 August 2012

EDL/BFP Supporters Details Are NOT Safe

A leaked call of leaders of the British Freedom Party (BFP) discussed how they would steal people’s details from the English Defence League (EDL)’s database months before the EDL and the BFP announced their alliance.

Simon Bennett, an ex-member of the British National Party (BFP) who is now a senior BFP figure behind the scenes (also a key webmaster) – told former BNP legal officer Lee Barnes, former BNP South West organiser Peter Mullins and Gary Marshall, a one-time BNP election candidate, that the EDL had,
Quote: ‘100,000 people in their database which I’m uploading… tonight’.
When Bennett bragged about his access to the EDL data, Barnes advised him to,
Quote: ‘Keep hold of it.’
Of course, these key figures want their political group to grow. This does show however, that members of the EDL and BFP can expect their details being mismanaged and misused. Guess there’s no freedom here then...

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  1. Neither the BFP nor the EDL are registered as data controllers, according to the Information Commissioner's website ( Any organisation which processes personal data should be registered under the Data Protection Act and failure to do so is a criminal offence. Handing over membership data to other organisations is also an offence. I reported the failure to register to the Information Commissioner's Office in July but have not heard back. If anyone else wants to complain, there is a form to fill in at - any evidence that membership data had been handed over would really add weight to the complaint.

  2. I got a letter today from the Information Commissioner's Office confirming that neither the English Defence League nor British Freedom are registered to hold (process) personal data. The case is being passed to the ICO "non notification department" for further action... I think that they'll be sent a letter giving them a set time to register - if not they'll be taken to court and fined. I'm less surprised about the EDL, although their member data has been previously hacked so they should know better ( As for British Freedom - I don't think much of a political party which is fielding a candidate for Police and Crime Commissioner yet doesn't know the law.

    1. Thank you very much for sharing your findings. We will pass them on to relevant officials.