Monday, 24 December 2012

Atlasshrugs And Pamela Geller Go Loony!

[Guest post]

Islamophobic ‘activist’ Pamela Geller has a close relationship with the English Defence League (EDL) leadership. Just as EDL leader Tommy Robinson got arrested for mortgage fraud, Geller is trying hard to stick up for him.

She hates Islam so much she will go through any attempt to try to make everything look like Islam’s fault. Her case is so severe that if a man fell down the stairs, she would blame it on the most “Muslim-looking” stair.

The most recent loony post of hers (regurgitated on Robert Spencer’s JihadWatch) pleas with people to help the EDL leader out of prison, even though he was rightly arrested for fraud.

Geller labels his treatment in prison as ‘sharia inspired victimisation’, also claiming (without proof) that he is wearing the ‘same clothes’ and eating ‘slops’.

Why is this particularly ‘sharia inspired’? Is the law enforcement forcing him to pray or perhaps eat halal against his will? Are the prison officials refusing him leave because he simply isn’t converting? Not at all. There’s nothing Islamic in this.

As usual, Geller is making it out like it’s Islam’s fault, and as usual, it’s hilarious.

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  1. The only thing she seems good at is, is making the sane laugh. Only the insane are spoonfed by what she says.