Saturday, 25 May 2013

EDL LIE About Muslims Celebrating Woolwich Attack

A police patrol was sent to Oldham after the English Defence League (EDL) fuelled false and made-up rumours of “Muslim celebrations” over the tragic Woolwich attack in London.

The EDL shared this fake piece of news via its social media networks, presumably in an attempt to stir up tensions amongst the British community.

Greater Manchester Police, whose time had been wasted, confirmed there was no basis to the news and the EDL was indeed, circulating a false rumour.

The attempt to stir up tensions had already worked. Countless EDL supporters became angry over the false news and wrote offensive comments which advocated shooting, mutilating and bombing British Muslims (here).

Note: The EDL and its allies have previously shared fake stories about Muslims “celebrating” after the Boston bombing (here).

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