Monday, 1 July 2013

EDL Initials And Swastikas Painted On Redditch Mosque

A mosque being built in Worcestershire had been broken into last week and graffiti including swastikas were sprayed on to the walls and windows.

A Nazi swastika and the 'EDL' initials.

The graffiti being cleaned after the incident.

The damage at a Redditch mosque, was caused between 02:00 BST and 04:30.

The intruders forced their way through a gate and broke into the main building, stole building equipment and sprayed graffiti over at least six windows.

A BBC reporter, who was at the scene, said swastikas had been sprayed in blue paint, along with the initials EDL (which stands for the English Defence League), NF (which stands for the National Front), KKK and other racist language.

The £2.5m mosque has previously been hit by vandalism, but they were not thought to be racially motivated.

Photos: BBC

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