Thursday, 17 July 2014

Britain First continue to use Lee Rigby’s name to promote party

Britain First (BF) is using social media to further achieve its political goals whilst on the ground, creating a climate of fear amongst minority communities.

And despite the family of murdered Fusilier Lee Rigby, who was killed by extremists on 22 May, making a public plea for his name not to be taken in vain for political purposes, Britain First continues to use his name.

As shown by this screenshot (taken on 17 July 2014), Britain First continue to share photos in a bid to get more support online. This photo was posted two days before this post was published.

But this isn’t the first time Britain First has used Lee to further their political goals. Back in May, Britain First got away with using the description ‘Remember Lee Rigby’ on its ballot papers, and election watchdogs had to apologise.

Lee’s mum said she was ‘heartbroken’ that her son’s name was allowed to be used by the party for promotion and posted this on Facebook, saying Britain First’s views were ‘not what lee believed in and has no support from the family’.

Britain First regional organisers have also used his photo and name to promote “memorial walks”. Some of the events, like one organised in Huddersfield, appealed for donations too.

Also to note, English Defence League (EDL) leader Tommy Robinson and balaclava-clad thugs also exploited the tragic death of Lee by taking to the streets of London.

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