Monday, 9 March 2015

Britain First have no respect for veterans and this is proof

Far right hate group Britain First came under fire worldwide for posting up an image of a Navy veteran holding up a photoshopped sign.

The Yorkshire Standard reported that the group posted up a FAKE image of a Muslim man holding up a sign that read: “Boycott bigotry and kill all non Muslims”.

The original image was of Dawud Walid who was taking part in a anti-racism rally, as shown below.

He is a Navy veteran who has served in the United States Navy and earned two United States Navy & Marine Corp Achievement medals.

But sick Britain First edited and shared the photoshopped image to over 600,000 people on Facebook and it was additionally circulated over 2000 times.

When the news story published by the YS got popular, Britain First removed the image out of fear because they knew people had found out what they had done.

Mr Walid said he reported Britain First to the UK authorities for defamation and slander.

Another piece of proof that Britain First has no respect for veterans is when the leader of the group was recorded by a veteran collecting money for Help for Heroes in a charity scam.

Read about it here.

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  1. Absolutely low life scum that are Britain first being exposed for what they really are.