Thursday, 26 March 2015

Britain First newspaper using unauthorised use of Crown?

Far-right hate group Britain First has put its logo, which features an uncanny resemblance to the Royal Crown, in its newspapers it says will be sold and circulated around the country.

On the paper the logo is visible on page 1, page 6 two times, and page 12 three times.

As seen on page 6.

Last year, Britain First was ordered to remove images of the Royal Crown from publicity material and merchandise and an investigation was carried out.

The use of the Royal Arms, as well as Royal Devices and Emblems such as St Edward’s Crown, is prohibited by law – unless the permission of the member of the Royal Family concerned has been obtained first.

Under the Trade Descriptions Act 1968, it is illegal “in the course of any trade or business” to give “false indication” that any goods or services are “approved by Her Majesty”.

Organisations wanting to feature certain royal symbols have to contact the Royal Household but Britain First failed to do so last year.

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