Thursday, 26 March 2015

Britain First share ISIS propaganda to spread fear

Britain First are hell-bent on scaring people about immigrants, Muslims and extremists for its own political goals.

In its poor attempt of a newspaper, an article titled “Islamic State heading for the UK!” shows exactly how the group is spreading fear.

The article warns it’s “only a matter of time before ISIS took advantage” and says secret plans to “infiltrate Britain have been discovered detailing how ISIS intend to use Libya as a gateway to Europe”.

But as the Independent reported, the said plans were ISIS propaganda.

The researcher who helped bring this into light even emphasised that the propaganda “could not be taken as fact”, yet Britain First have used this as evidence to back up their anti-immigration views.

It just goes to show how vile Britain First are. And it wasn’t long ago when we saw supporters glorifying ISIS when they bombed innocents.

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  1. All Britain First really care about is how much money they can fleece from the sheeple that follow them. This can be seen from the number of satellite pages they have on facebook and even more so from their special offer on their "newspaper".
    £1 or subscribe and get 6 for £15 ( assuming they manage to keep it going for a whole year).