Sunday, 28 June 2015

Britain First leader urges young followers to ‘produce’

Not too many Britain First supporters came into Luton on 27 June.

In a video taken of a speech yesterday, Britain First leader Paul Golding was caught urging his younger supporters to produce the ‘next generation’.

Talking of immigrants and Muslims (who Britain First have been accused of scapegoating), Golding said they “have a very high birth rate, whereas our people prefer to go out and get drunk, and to have careers etc etc but we’ve lost that touch…we need to produce the next generation.”

He later said: “I’m looking specifically at the young men here and the young women because you’ve got to get out there and you’ve got to produce the next generation of our people!”

People in the crowd started laughing throughout his speech, in which he used words like ‘our people’ and ‘DNA’.

The video has been uploaded on Vimeo and is titled “White Supremacy speech”. You can watch it here.

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