Thursday, 25 June 2015

Britain First share bikini ban image to stir hate

Britain First deliberately attempt to stir up hate and get some Likes on their page (as well as other secret pages that belong to them).

On 24 June 2015, they shared an image showing two seemingly Muslim teens holding up a flag that said “Respect Ramadan No Bikinis”.

Britain First wrote in the caption “How about respect the West! Don’t like it, go back to an Islamic country.”

Photo wasn't taken in the West

This image wasn’t even taken in the West. Two teenagers took this photo in the Muslim-majority country of Morocco. And authorities took this poster down soon after.

Moroccan Minister of Tourism Lahcen Haddad was quoted by Moroccan news website Le360 saying: “We cannot allow people on their own to begin to dictate their law. Nobody has the right to set themselves up as guarantors of virtue, and still less to tell tourists how they should dress on a beach.”

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