Friday, 10 July 2015

Britain First plan to go to Rotherham, prepare to cough up taxpayers

[Guest post]

Britain First plan on marching in Rotherham, and no-one wants these thugs to come. But taxpayers be warned! You will probably be having to pay the bill.

When Britain First marched in Luton, they cost the local taxpayer a whopping estimate of £300,000. Money was spent on policing etc...

What is funny is that Britain First leaders asked supporters to donate towards their legal fees before Luton. Deputy leader Jayda Fransen said costs were going to be “£30,000 plus”.

But when they did get their donations from gullible supporters, they marched and cost the taxpayer £300,000 instead.

They accomplished nothing by marching and it was at this very march when Britain First’s leader urged younger supporters to have sex.

Britain First also damaged local business and trade for the town. The Mall shopping centre, which is Luton’s central retail area, recorded a reduction in footfall of approximately 22%, about 16,000 shoppers down, compared to that typically expected for this time of year.

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  1. they have every right to protest but hell naw they're stupid as sh**. begging for money then robbing us taxpayers. Paul probably doesnt even have a job!