Friday, 10 July 2015

Lionheart GB lunatics incite hate with false story

Far-right group Britain First is very closely affiliated to groups such as the Knights Templar International and Lionheart GB.

Yesterday, we documented how Britain First shared a false story from the Daily Express, who suggested 1.5 million British Muslims support terror group ISIS based on an inaccurate poll from the Mirror.

It was untrue, and the Daily Express removed the story from its site.

Lionheart GB, accused by many of being run by Britain First itself, also joined in sharing this story. However, the group said it all points to a ‘coming Civil War!’...

...even though the story was false.

As you can see, Lionheart GB is purposefully inflaming tensions in Britain.

This also strangely ties in with what HOPE Not Hate wrote about Britain First. It said that the party has “doomsday prophesy where it believes civilization will end in bloodshed between Christians and Muslims. To this end, the party has stepped up its efforts to antagonised Muslim groups.”

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