Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Britain First protest cost taxpayers nearly £300000

The Bedfordshire News has reported that the Britain First march that took place in Luton cost nearly £300,000. And the local taxpayer will be having to pay the bill.

The protest was attended by 500 police officers from 15 different forces and the protest had a large impact on businesses.

The Mall shopping centre, which is Luton’s central retail area, recorded a reduction in footfall of approximately 22%, about 16,000 shoppers down, compared to that typically expected for this time of year.

PCC Olly Martins said: “Whilst in the past these costs have eventually been reimbursed, it is anticipated that they will now fall directly upon Bedfordshire taxpayers alone.”

Marches in Luton by the English Defence League, and now Britain First, have cost £3.5m in the last five years.

Britain First, which is continuing to ask for your donations, will probably not want this news to be shared.

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