Friday, 3 July 2015

Knights Templar International omits information in news

Many times, we have caught far-right groups omitting information, purposefully or accidentally, hiding information from their supporters.

Walmart had recently sold an American man a cake featuring the flag of ISIS, after refusing to sell him one featuring the Confederate battle flag. The news went viral, and was picked up by news worldwide.

Knights Templar International (KTI), which is closely affiliated with far-right group Britain First, shared the news with a link to the video.

But what KTI didn’t tell you was that Walmart had already apologised and a Walmart spokesman said the cake depicting the ISIS flag was made by mistake by an associate “who did not recognise the flag”.

The Guardian story, which included the apology, was published on 30 June, two days before KTI published their post. Britain First published a link three days after.

Note: Knights Templar International is NOT the real Knights Templar or associated in any way. It is a rip-off serving for groups like Britain First.

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