Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Tommy Robinson’s Assault Story Just Doesn't Add Up

Last year, EDL leader Tommy Robinson claimed he got beaten up by a group of Pakistani youths. He supposedly pulled over when a car flashed its lights at him and got out, without really seeing a group of aggressive looking men wearing knuckle-dusters coming towards him and running. Clever. We will add our notes in brackets at the end of any appropriate statement.

After the incident, the EDL released this statement via the Gates of Vienna blog,
Quote: ‘He was out driving, when he saw a car similar to his wife’s, driven by a blond white girl. The other car flashed its lights so Tommy pulled over [Tommy had no reason to pull over and drivers only pull up for police and ambulance lights]… A group of Pakistani youths wearing knuckle dusters poured out [Knuckle dusters do a lot of damage, Tommy’s pictures after the event showed no significant injury]. Tommy was knocked out pretty quickly, and they gave him a good kicking… He looks pretty beaten up, but no bones were broken, and no eyes or teeth are missing. He had a brain scan this morning. We don’t know the results yet… He has spoken to The Sun, who asked whether he had called the police. Tommy said there was no point, as a racial attack on a white guy was of no interest to them [The failure to catch the criminals and avoiding police confrontation is highly mysterious].’
As a follow up Tommy said,
Quote: ‘They were shouting ‘allahu akhbar’ and ‘Merry Christmas, Tommy [If they did, Tommy was knocked out as previously mentioned quickly, so he could not have heard]’
One EDL-supporting Facebook Page seemed to be more confident than Tommy and stated that that Tommy was beaten up by non-Asians (yes non-Asians) because of his antics around his hometown.


It is therefore, hard to believe Tommy and his assault claim. But EDL supporters played on the hype as soon as this news came out, some advocating violence. Also note how this supporter shifts the blame onto Muslims.


Many of them failed to realize it was nothing to do with Islam whatsoever and it undermined the EDL’s Cause and Mission Statement altogether.

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