Thursday, 16 May 2013


HOPE Not Hate has helped expose a rumour created by English Defence League (EDL) leaders Tommy Robinson and Kevin Carroll, who claimed that a Year Seven schoolgirl was gang-raped in a school toilet in Luton.

The rumour that never happened

The rumour was kicked off by Robinson wrote on Twitter: “News coming in of a yr 7 school girl being gang raped in school toilets? By Muslims ! It's all being kept hush hush? School in Luton.”

Questioned about it, he simply said that the news came “from a good source . If its defo true Luton needs to brace itself.” He later said he had it “confirmed.”

As EDL supporters joined in the outrage, Kevin Carroll joined in too.

HOPE Not Hate spent a day investigating this claim.

They scoured local media, spoke to teachers and parents at local schools and rang every contact they could think of, and no-one had any evidence that this incident took place.

Police even confirm the story was untrue

According to the EDL leaders, the incident took place on school premises but no such incident was ever logged by the local police. Police would have been informed if this incident was true but Bedfordshire Police confirmed themselves that there was no truth in the story.

Conclusion - The rumour was made up

EDL leaders Robinson and Carroll have been exposed as deliberately stirring up hatred on a false rumour, and making the whole thing up.

Hundreds of people have called for Bedfordshire Police to investigate the pair and prosecute them for inciting racial hatred.

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  1. Exposed as liars after all, they've lost credibility. Some supporters are already boiling.

    1. They've always had no credibility LOL

  2. They're sectarian bigots, who use their 'patriotism' to mask their racist agenda's towards all Muslims. Why aren't they outraged when dissident IRA members attack crown forces in Northern Ireland? This is more a regular occurrence than what happened to poor Lee Rigby (R.I.P). The reason is, 'Tommy Robinson's' family are from Ireland, so his prejudice doesn't extend to his ancestors homeland, even though the IRA pose more of a threat. Saying every Irish citizen is a terrorist is an unjust stereotype, just as much as calling every practising Muslim a terrorist. Every faction of people, regardless of creed, faith or sex had their bad elements amongst them, doesn't mean we have to tar everybody with the same brush.

    Even the name 'English Defence League', is xenophobic towards the rest of Britain, what about Scotland, Wales and our Northern Irish citizens who class themselves as British? It's time to make a stand against the EDL & their supporters!

  3. I'm sure they're lying about it, but the fact is sexual assaults on Luton school properties have gone unreported before. So, no, a gang rape in school does not mean that the police would be informed if the school was more concerned with protecting their asses than protecting their students. If it is true though? There's yet another victim of sexual assault and rape out there who hasn't received the support they need and whose story is being used by the vile EDL leader.