Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Britain First shares fake Islamic scholar quote

On 11 February, far-right hate group Britain First shared a supposed quote from a famous Islamic scholar Dr Zakir Naik.

It stupidly said: “I call for an immediate ban on the movie ‘Gravity’ as it shows ‘Earth’ to be spherical, which is against the Quran, & thus insulting to muslims.”

Of course, hateful remarks on Islam and the Muslim community in general issued in the comments by Britain First supporters.

The truth behind the quote – Zakir Naik never said it

The quote was never said by Zakir Naik. The quote was actually said on a fake Twitter account set up in his name and then this was regurgitated on far-right anti-Muslim sites and pages.

Zakir Naik’s appearances and speeches are also well-documented, and he is never found saying the words he said in that image. Rather he is documented to have said the complete opposite.

This is yet another example of Britain First deceiving people just to get measly Likes and Shares so it can promote its brainless cause.

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