Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Britain First disrespect Muslim veteran’s funeral

Britain First have shamed themselves once again for disrespecting a WW2 veteran’s funeral.

In an attempt to incite hate, Britain First posted up an image of Muslims praying outside and wrote a caption reading: “MEANWHILE IN BIRMINGHAM….”.

As Britain First had intended to stoke fear and outrage, some supporters were quick to call for death, including suggestions to bomb the innocent people with “napalm bombs” and “grenades”, as shown by screenshots below.

The truth behind the image

The image was in fact stolen from the Birmingham Mail who wrote a story last month.

It had reported on the funeral of Sufi Muhammed Abdullah Khan, a mosque founder who had served in the British Indian Army in WW2.

Called an “inspirational man,” he came to Birmingham in 1962 and worked for the community. The image was just outside the mosque where mourners prayed for him.

But Britain First showed everyone that they have no respect for veterans or the dead.

It’s not the first time Britain First have disrespected a veteran. They also photoshopped one veteran and he reported them for slander but then they removed the image to cover their tracks.

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