Friday, 27 March 2015

Britain First lose supporters for sharing plane crash rumours

Sometimes, far-right hate groups are so keen in promoting themselves they pass rumors off as truth.

In recent news, a man has been suspected of deliberately crashing a Germanwings A320 plane in the French Alps and killed 150 people.

UK hate group Britain First was quick to pick up on the news and shared a link that suggested the pilot was a “convert to Islam”. In the post, Britain First wrote: “LET'S FACE FACTS: THE FREE WORLD IS AT WAR WITH JIHAD!”

Posted up on 27 March.

Britain First shares rumour to whip up hate

There is no evidence to suggest the man was a convert to Islam.

All that is being alleged is that the pilot required treatment for depression, and was recommended regular psychological assessment.

But the BBC also reports that prosecutors say there was no evidence of a political or religious motive for his actions and no suicide note has been found.

Fortunately, Britain First lost many supporters who knew something was wrong with the pathetic post.

Sources that have been circulating news that this man was supposedly a “convert to Islam” all seem to be anti-Muslim ones that are irrationally jumping to conclusions with no confirmations.

Britain First seem happy in sharing stories from the vile echo chamber to over 600,000 people just to further their political goals and scare the gullible.


  1. 'Maintain some integrity'?!! Pmsl!

  2. You need to have integrity before you can maintain it.