Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Britain First share false news about charity withdrawing from Calais

Far-right group Britain First often shares false information and images.

Recently, Britain First posted a story on its website with the title ‘FURIOUS CHARITY PULLS CALAIS CAMP FUNDING AFTER MIGRANTS BURN FOOD AND CLOTHES’.

This story mentioned the UK-based Human Relief Foundation charity, who were followed by ITV for a two-part news feature shown on television.

Britain First wrote that the charity “stopped providing aid to the Calais ‘jungle’ because aid workers have concluded the majority of migrants in the camp do not need to be there.”

ITV first wrote the charity was “considering” withdrawing its aid in Calais, but this was never official.

News sources such as the Daily Express later wrote stories suggesting the charity had withdrew. But the charity never withdrew from Calais in the first place.

The charity even issued a statement saying it would “continue to coordinate efforts and have a presence in the camp”.

Britain First’s story also claimed the charity’s deputy discovered “unwanted clothing and food “being dumped and burnt” by migrants”.

But according to the presenter of the ITV report, food was found rotting, not purposefully burnt. And clothes were found dumped because people delivering aid had taken the wrong clothes to the wrong area of the camp so people burned them to keep warm in the cold evenings.

Britain First also stated that the deputy said “95 to 97 per cent of migrants in the camp were young, fit men”.

This was never said by him.

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  1. Biffers robbing a story off the toilet roll known as the Daily Express. Standard.