Sunday, 8 November 2015

Britain First accused of exploiting children

Far right hate group Britain First have been accused of exploiting children after having pictures taken alongside members of young Sea Cadets who had no idea they would be used for their cause.

On 7 November, Britain First published a photo on its Facebook page of two Britain First members with two young Sea Cadets in Nottingham.

Britain First wrote: “Today, across the country, Britain First activists are standing watch over poppy sellers to ensure they don't get any hassle from leftwing anarchists and Islamists.”

Soon after the Nottingham Sea Cadets posted up a statement on Facebook stating: “Please rest assured we do not support Britain First. The cadets were approached by these and asked for a photo. They were not aware who they were. We are on the case with our HQ in attempting to get the photo removed. Please help us by reporting the photo. Thank you.”

In Chesterfield, Britain First members posed with more children.

None of these youngsters knew they were to be used for Britain First’s shameful propaganda, and many people were rightly disgusted.

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