Wednesday, 29 May 2013

EDL LIE About Disrespectful Woolwich Poster

On 25th May, the English Defence League (EDL) tried to distance itself from a poster which was circulated after the murder of an ex-soldier by two extremists in Woolwich.

It was criticised by many for being disrespectful to the family and loved ones of the ex-soldier, but the EDL blamed an anti-EDL website for making this poster up, claiming there was no proof that any poster ever existed and it was a fake.

The EDL Support Group, the EDL LGBT Division and the splinter group Casuals United brainlessly joined in sharing the news believing it was true.

But it all began to ring untrue as the EDL’s very own leader Tommy Robinson shared this poster on his own Twitter page.

Later, an EDL protester was seen holding the poster at an EDL demo in London, and pictures circulated by the EDL show more of these being held.

These weren’t fake posters after all, and the EDL lied.

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