Thursday, 30 May 2013

Tommy Robinson Tries Covering Up EDL Nazi Salutes

The English Defence League (EDL) took to London recently to try and capitalise on the Woolwich murder of drummer Lee Rigby by two extremists.

But many were shocked to see pictures and videos emerge of EDL supporters doing vile Nazi salutes near a British war memorial.

In an attempt to cover up these salutes, EDL leader Tommy Robinson told BBC Radio that there are “no videos of anyone doing a Nazi salute” and that “there’s no Nazi salutes at any English Defence League demonstrations.”

Video evidence proved him wrong. The video below includes the interview and the Nazi salutes made in London.

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  1. More salutes made at protests

    Most of them don't even look like waving. Who waves with arms as stiff as a robot?

  2. Another picture I just found of this guy!